Hello beauty lovers! I finally decided to do this OWANBELISTIC OWANBE LOOK 😀I know not all my friends are Nigerians and would know the meaning. Well OWANBE is a party, Nigerian style. A celebration of life, an Owambe usually marks a milestone – a baby naming, wedding, silver, golden or diamond jubilee birthday, or even a funeral. But it’s no solemn affair.

So every weekend, you get invited for one wedding or the other and of course we know that you will want to stand out from your peers Yelz please in Jennifer’s voice!!!

Few important things to watch out for when attending an OWANBE :

1.Makeup or Makeup Artist – Ladies Ladies Ladies No 1 thing every man looks at first at the party is your face first before the body because you might be sitting down while waiting for JOLLOF RICE 😀 wait I just sounded MEAN. I’m sorry Lol but for real please if you can’t do a simple make up don’t go out looking like a masquerade with brows that look like handle of doors 😑 if really you want to look stunning and you can’t makeup please just get a makeup artist in Nigeria I think it cost about 10 to 15k Naira and in America is about 75 to $100. Makeover with professional quality products by Saralogebeautypro .

1 (6)

2. OUTFIT (Lace , Ankara , Cord etc)– I don’t have a lot to talk about on this because now is the time of made in Nigeria .what I mean is our sexy ladies and our gentle men are murdering hard in trending styles with this native wears as we all know we have to stay in VOGUE but a good tailor is a life saver by then

1 (1)
3. HeadWrap -GELE (Beaded ,blinkgele, Asooke Gele) – ok this is the part i like most 😀you know why ? the moment i have to wear a Gele on I feel like i am a real African woman already but honestly i cant tie it, the best way to go about it for those of us who don’t know how to tie the gele is to get a professional do it for you so you can slay massively not like the olden days the Gele was like satellite dish .lol my head Ooooh

1 (4)
4. Jewelry (Beads ,gold chains or neck costumes)– I actually prefer beads more than chain i don’t know why but to me it looks more traditional n classy if worn on a native dress     ASO EBI  but make sure the color you pick must match your outfit or rather you can use a sweet color that befits the occasion.

1 (2)
5. Clutch (Metal Beads or Kisslock)-Ladies having a nice clutch with you when attending a party is important at least it saves you the stress of having to hold your money at hand ,powder brush ,little mirror, lipstick or car keys ,your items can be kept safe it could be box or envelope style clutch.
1 (3)

6. Cologne – Hello hicee uuU? Nobody want to sit close to someone with a bad smell so always endeavor to smell great because you definitely will hug people or stay close.



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