Good day, how have you all been? It’s a real common issue for women and men alike, Today’s post is about belly fat and few tips on what to wear and what should be done considering the fat.

Belly fat is something that makes you mad sometime even after several waist training you should Learn to embrace your belly fat and challenge yourself by dressing confidently like I do of course I have belly fat and that can’t even stop my shine !!!


  1. Darker colors I’m not just talking about black, but you can explore a bit more with other dark shades as well. I actually love black dresses a lot not because of my belly fat or shape but because it’s a color that stands out, it hides big tummy really well but don’t limit yourself to only this. You can go for other dark colors too like Aurbergine (dark purple), indigo, brown etc. 🙂 I rock any flashy Amiclubwear color you just name it!!! 
  2. PANTS & JEANS – Sexy ladies, we talking about jeans I mean High waist .High waist jeans fit better because it sits flat on your stomach. Avoid low-waist jeans which would give off a push-up effect to your belly and hence highlighting the belly fat even further.
  3. PERFECT POSTURE I don’t compare my body to that of others, everyone has a different body type and no one will ever look exactly the same. You might not need a flatter stomach at all. As long as you feel healthy. For example sitting or standing straight helps a lot for the belly, back &shoulders. Don’t forget to hit the gym and take a lot of water  
  4. ENHANCE THE WAIST – we need to realize that certain things we feel are not important for our daily life or for certain occasions, ends up being VERY IMPORTANT. I’m sure most of you have heard of shapewear? It’s a tightfitting undergarments aim to shape your figure. Shapewear comes in different types depending on what you are concerned about. examples are Waist cincher, Bodysuits ,Thigh compressor, Trimming tights ,full body corset , Girdle etc. I waist train also 5days a week for 8hours (that feeling is sh**) but you get good results though.  
  5. ATTENTION – If you ask me what attracts me attention most hmmm, sincerely I will say my hips and my ass, lol SHOW OFF that which you’re super proud of. I know reading this right now you are like hmm Show off? YES GIRL SHOW IT OFF!!!  You have big boobs? Wear a V-neck dress or top. You have a curvy shape? Wear an eye-catching sexy long or short dress. Even if your breasts are moderate in size, you could wear a nice Push-up bra to enhance point is ladies lure those handsome men and sexy ladies eyes away from your flabby tummy to your assets Now you understand why I said show off your best asset. you see the last picture  lol he said you look beautiful can i take a pic with u ms 🙂 my response YES SURE !!! 

Conclusion: Remember, Not all tips will work for everyone, this is just a piece of advice, what matters most after dressing up is you’re comfortable and you feel beautiful inside and out. Xoxo




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